Joanna Rae Photography | Friday Night Lights - Arnold vs. Milton (senior night)

Friday Night Lights - Arnold vs. Milton (senior night)

December 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's taken a long time for me to post these photos because this class of seniors is different. This was Arnold's last game of the season and it was Senior Night. This is my daughter's graduating class, and through the years I've had the pleasure of watching these boys and girls grow and excel in their chosen activities. The players, the cheerleaders, the band and the pep club. I've watched them grow up into thoughtful, talented, driven human beings. They aren't perfect. Far from it, but they are the most inclusive, least click filled, mutually supportive group of kids I've seen in our years at Arnold. In the picture below, my friend Samantha has taken a moment to pause, and let it sink in, that our babies have grown up, as the class of 2016 put their arms around each other and sang their alma mater for the last time. We're half-way through their senior year. Samantha's expression totally captures how I feel. It's bittersweet. As a parent, I'm ready to cry and rejoice at the same time. I'm praying this year slows down a little, but at the same time, I absolutely can't wait to see where the future takes this group. I hope they all go out into the world and set it on fire, that they continue to be empathetic, tolerant and inclusive, and I pray for their future happiness.

I know that you've all waited a long time for me to post these images, so here they are. As always there are many more (over 700) in the main gallery, so be sure to check it out too -



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