Joanna Rae Photography | Senior Session - Rhiannon (Class of 2016)

Senior Session - Rhiannon (Class of 2016)

October 26, 2015  •  3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I shot my daughter's senior photos for her yearbook ad. I managed to keep the waterworks at bay, and only cried while she was having her makeup done at MAC. However, this year is flying by so quickly that I'm now getting emotional writing this post. It seems like it was only yesterday she was a precious baby born in Penarth, Wales, a precocious toddler in California, and bright little spark in Mrs. Sager's kindergarten class at Old Town Elementary in Round Rock, TX.  Rhiannon and I have something special planned for her yearbook ad, but it's not sentimental and gushy, so I'm going to do that here...

Rhiannon bach, you are so amazing.

My little Welsh dragon, you are a free spirit. I love that you are likely to plan your days by surf conditions and sunsets, and that you consider makeup and flat irons to only be for special occasions. I am so proud you still have the huge heart for others which Mrs. Sager commented on in your very first report card, and that you don't follow the crowd, but do your own thing, while still being inclusive and thoughtful with your friends. Your work ethic amazes me, and I'm so glad you've understood at an early age, that most people have to work hard for a living. I see so much of my Mom in you, sometimes it melts my heart. Your writing skills are part of the family legacy, and it brings me so much joy to know that it's something you excel at and enjoy. Where ever you end up going to college, know how proud I am of you.

Rhiannon bach, you are my heart. I love you.




Claire E.,(non-registered)
Such a beautiful set of pictures for a beautiful girl! I'm sure she's the spitting image of her mother too! :) You must be blessed and she must be blessed to have you!
Aunt Joanie(non-registered)
She is beautiful and the perfect showcase for her mom's incredible talent as a photographer.

I have my favorites picked out!!
Laura Baker(non-registered)
Just beautiful! Love you both!!
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