Vermont Wedding Photographer


As the daughter of a journalist and an actor, I was bitten by the creative bug early in life, and I've spent most of that life behind a camera. My photography career started in high school, shooting for the local newspaper. I continued to develop my skills at Florida State University shooting for the student magazine "Shout."


I left Florida State early to move to Britain, where I attended Cardiff University’s Journalism, Film, and Television program in Wales. This transitioned my career into broadcasting with the ITV network's Westcountry Television. Later, I went on to work for HTV in Wales, and eventually came back to the states, working for CBS 42 KEYE in Austin. Austin was good to me. I was able to go back to college, where I got a degree in Communications from St. Edward's University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. In 2007, I left television news, and started Sixpence Productions. I've been filming/photographing weddings, families and seniors, full time, for over a decade now.


I love all types of photography - wedding, family, senior, scenic, photojournalism - because it puts me with different people at different points in their lives. And I love people. The journalist in me is desperate to tell their stories.  My vibe is vibrant and emotive. That's my happy place.