Joanna Rae Photography | 30a Film Photography

About a year ago, I had the Minolta SRT camera I learned to shoot on refurbished. The camera body and the lenses are older than I am, but being able to capture images with it, reminded me why I'm in LOVE with film. If you'd like me to add some film images to your next family session, please don't hesitate to ask!

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

00030003 00180018 00210021 00040004 00310031        0031-20031-2 00090009 00120012 0004-20004-2   00140014 0015-20015-2 00190019 JacksonSquareJacksonSquare 00160016 00050005 0014-20014-2 00130013 0032-20032-2